Rita Ora and her two new (mini) tattoos might inspire you this season


We know that when you start, there is the possibility that not pairs, and that is, as they say tattoos are addictive. Rita Ora is a regular mark their skin with designs that are bold, and this weekend has become to tattoo your skin with two mini tattoos that could inspire more than one this season. Of classic shapes and straight lines, these two versions have fallen in love with their fans.

If earlier this month the british visited the studio of Dr. Woo tattoos the neck and one of the hands, now Rita Ora has visited the tattooist Winter Stone-one of the artists most renowned today – to add two mini tattoos simple and classic that never will go out of fashion.

The two new tattoos that might inspire you this new season

A micro cross on the side of his left wrist we dmeuestra that the size does matter: discreet, simple and classic, this new tattoo is perfect for all those who want something very simple and that do not call much the attention.

Rita Ora Tattoo-2020 02

Continuing with the classics, the singer has added a small crescent moon with shadows that reminds us of the power of this natural satellite. Near a small (and simple) planet, this tattoo is located on the inside of your arm.

Rita Ora Tattoo-2020 03

What these two new designs will you stay?

Photos | Instagram @ritaora