Rita Ora announces ‘How to be lonely’, written with Lewis Capaldi


Rita Ora has gone through hard times this past year. He had to fight in court against his record label Roc Nation that is not allowed to make their own music. Finally won the court battle and has begun a new stage in his musical career that promises to be very different to everything that has come out until now.

His new single is called ‘How To Be Lonely’ and comes to light on Friday, 13 march. The song has been composed with the artist revelation of the year, Lewis Capaldi, famous for his song ‘Someone You Loved’. The american singer admitted that he wrote the song but could not sing it well so it has been given to Rita Ora to put your nice voice on the topic. “Thus was born a baby,” commented the two singers between laughter in your networks excited and nervous for the premiere of the single.

Rita Ora is very excited with this new stage. He confesses that the last year has felt “like the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one”. Is very proud of the new theme ‘How to be Lonely’ and in addition to return to study has returned the happiness. Now he wants to “keep writing and releasing all the music while you can”. This song wants to put the focus on that being alone is nothing bad, it is “something that we might like. Although connections are important, we do not need the approval of others. When you’re single, remember that you are enough and that you have the strength to make your own decisions”.

Rita Ora is covered in gold on the front cover and all the advances we can see lights with tints of gold and red velvet which are the advances of the video clip, from which we expect a super production to the level of the song and of the british singer.