Rita Ora chooses a bikini very mini! to take the sun, and this happens!


The singer Rita Ora is well known throughout the world as a star who stands out for her talent and beauty. Since it was discovered by Jay-Z in 2008 until the present, has been quite an innovation in music and performance.

Rita is not only a fan of the music of singers such as Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé, but also of fashion and modeling. The latter has been demonstrated by their collaboration for the brand of underwear Tezenis, which has different styles and special designs for every occasion.

Recently showed off their attributes in a photo where appears with a black bikini tiny. Ora showed her fans her gorgeous legs and abdomen slightly marked. In the zip is sitting in a chair and looks relaxed, taking the sun, which gives your tanned skin a look of your dreams. Its appeal was exposed in the image.

In the post, the singer wrote the following: Enjoy your life. Please. Protects your heart and be proud of it. Their fans responded by showing how proud they are of herof his music and energy.

The music returns as a priority of Rita Ora

It is more than ever convinced that their musical projects should continue this year. Has been dedicated to a variety of businesses, but it plans to continue with the music after the tour that followed in 2019 call Phoenix World Tourwhich took him to several countries of America, Europe and Oceania.

During this opportunity you plan to visit Latin Americabecause , according to his words: My fans from that region are amazing and I can’t wait to play for them. In addition ensures that: I’m in the studio working on new music as often as I canaffirmations that are going to interest and excite their fans in equal parts. Rita Ora re-committed to working tirelessly to meet his public and to herself, musically speaking.