Rita Ora debuts ‘How to Be Lonely’, his return after the pitch of ‘Anywhere’ – jenesaispop.com


Gone are the times in which it seemed that Rita Ora was to become the great disappointment of the industry of the british pop. No one remembers much that took out their second album, ‘Phoenix‘, nor much less bad that it was the first. Nor of the various singles he released for years without success, or the times that the artist was in the news for a thousand things that had nothing to do with his musical career. In recent years, Rita has done no more than to accumulate successes, both solo and with other artists. It is a machine of the streaming platforms.

After the pitch of ‘Anywhere’, one of the best songs of 2018 (and for me this author of the decade, that is), the smash hit of ‘Your Song’ and ‘Let Me Love You’, the smash hit of ‘For You’ with Liam Payne, the ‘Lonely Together’ with Avicii, and so on, Rita Ora is back. And he does so by recalling the strategy of ‘Your Song’, because if this was a composition of Ed Sheeran, ‘How to Be Lonely’ is a composition of its natural successor, the affable Lewis Capaldi. The author of ‘Someone You Loved’ recorded the song first, but it has been said that when you consider that not sang it well, passed it to Rita.

As explained by the Official UK Charts, ‘How to Be Lonely’ will not be a hitazo dance to the ‘Stupid Love’, or ‘Physical’, but a half-time that pulls to the ballad, as perhaps was to be expected considering the author of the song. We leave you with a snippet of the song shown by Rita, and the eye with your video clip because it seems to contain elements of science fiction, galactic, including the presence of an alien.