Rita Ora, Pixie Geldof and Storm Reid become the models of Miu Miu to present its collection Autumn-Winter 2020/2021


The Fashion week Paris he came to his end, and yesterday it was the turn of Miu Miu. Becoming one of the parades most expected, Miuccia Prada did not disappoint their fans: the boxes dressed up the vast majority of the designs with a combination chromatic the most striking and original, and some celebrities became model for a day -like for example Rita Ora-. Highlighted their gowns with rhinestones, and your clothes with transparencies: all event gains in importance if you dress with one of these designs.

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The rhinestones are a more delicate strain in the make-up and manicures more ideal to the parade of Giambattista Valli at the Fashion Week of Paris

Has born a new star (of fashion)

It is possible that Storm Reid the ubiquéis in Hollywood, Pixie Geldof in the evening parties move English and to Rita Ora the coloquéis on a stage or performing small roles in the film (as in 50 shades of Grey), but now all of them can also add in your CV that you have passed to Miu Miu.

Miu Miu Rf20 0189

Miu Miu Rf20 0009

Miu Miu Rf20 0585

Rita Ora parading with a coat of aires military (Photo: IMaxTree)

The body format jersey

Only Miuccia Prada can create a body of wool, and succeed along the way. If it does already almost a decade that succeeded with their shorts of cashmere, now promises to create a before and after with this new hybrid.

Miu Miu Rf20 0134

Miu Miu Rf20 0155

Dresses 100% Miu Miu

If there is something that has caught the attention in this show have been the long dresses to the feet of tables with details of applications that have amazed the audience (and critics in general).

Miu Miu Rf20 0261

Miu Miu Rf20 0269

Miu Miu Rf20 0236

The long coat is the new must

You must have one thing clear from the face of the next Autumn-Winter season 2020/2021: the coats will be long, until the feet. Or that is what we want to transmit this collection where the garments came to the ground.

Miu Miu Rf20 0559

Miu Miu Rf20 0751

Miu Miu Rf20 0693

Transparencies to power

Evening dresses, gala and label dress with a thin veil of transparent tulle that gives them an air of sensual and sexy. Each of the garments is true to the style of the signature while which dares to challenge the fashion world with transparencies that hint at a lot but don’t teach much thanks to applications like jewel.

Miu Miu Rf20 0723

Miu Miu Rf20 0743

Miu Miu Rf20 0683

Photo | IMaxTree