Rita Ora releases brand new single titled ‘How to be lonely’


Rita Ora is one of the queens of pop in british and this 2020 is willing to prove it with his new single ‘How To Be Lonely’, which will form part of their new album. The single is a song that comes straight to enter in all the radio lists from all over the world.

‘How To Be Lonely’ was originally written by Lewis Capaldi, the artist revelation of the year with his song ‘Someone You Loved’. The interpreter decided to find a new voice for the topic and together with her friend Rita Ora turned this into a pop song like that the british singer has accustomed us. In addition to Lewis Capaldi plays the guitar and sings the vocals on the theme.

The song comes to him as ring to the finger to Rita Ora who has confessed to their fans that this year has learned how to be alone: “Travel the world, working and learning about different countries with their different cultures and being constantly on the run, I’ve learned in the last few years to enjoy my own company and to cherish every interaction”. The song says it clearly: “Losing you show me how to be lonely” (“Miss taught me how to be alone”). The singer emphasises: “When you’re alone, remember that you are enough and that you have the strength to be able to make your own decisions. Enjoy being yourself!”

In addition Rita Ora is delighted of this new musical stage in his life: “This last year has been like the end of a chapter in my life and the beginning of another new and very exciting. One of the feelings most liberating for me is to act and create music. You all know that the music will always be my first love, even when I’m working on different projects, I am always writing and creating music, … so here goes something new!

Still pending is that to premiere the music video but Rita Ora already turned to a program of the BBC to interpret the song on a big stage with choreography and dancers. Now you have time to learn the memory of the incredible dance steps.