Rita Ora: “The successes, failures, and mistakes allow me to learn and move on” | Music


Rita Ora has well caught the reins of his career, and is not willing to release them. Now it is she who brand the times, the one who decides what he wants to do and when. Now he has decided that he wants to continue cobbling together a promising career as an actress in the film (soon to be released Twist), without neglecting their commitments on television. But his first love remains the music and this 2020 has been the year chosen to close the cycle of Phoenix and to write a new chapter in his discography. This chapter carries the name How To Be Lonelya pop very Rita with the unmistakable seal of a good friend: Lewis Capaldi.

Taking advantage of the launch of this simple, in LOS40 we have had the opportunity to talk with Rita Ora about her future album, on the changes in the industry and about the power of women in an industry as tumultuous as the music.

Question: you go Back nearly two years after the launch of Phoenix and what do you make of the hand of Lewis Capaldi. Who came into your life first, Lewis or the song?

Answer: Lewis and I became friends, and we decided between the two that How To Be Lonely it was a very good opportunity to do something together.

Q: “Losing you Showed me How to be Lonely”. In this song you speak of the loneliness after suffering from an unrequited love. Do you consider that to be a single in the 2020 remains a taboo subject, especially when it comes to talking to women?

R: I would not say that it is a taboo subject. What I want with my songs is to take advantage to tell you something from my personal experience. I spend a lot of time touring, traveling and at the end it is very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone.

Two mothers over forty years protagonicen a Super Bowl is very important. JLo and Shakira are an example for me

Q: you Mentioned recently that last year you closed a chapter and that now you were going to open another. What this single is the start of that chapter?

R: Last year promocioné Phoenix, I recorded the movie Twist and I was in The Masked Singer. This 2020 wanted to start focusing on my music, start giving shape to the new album and move in that direction.

Q: Can we confirm then that there is a successor of Phoenix on the way?

R: Yes, now it is being complicated to record and get into the study, but I’m working on my next album.

Q: What ideas you have in mind for this new work?

R: I want it to be, simply, pop music and fun.

Q: last time we talked with you in LOS40 we said that you would like people to see it things that are not expected, such as collaborations with The 1975 or Arctic Monkeys. Is there something of that in this new era?

R: For the moment, I want to focus on finishing the ‘heart’ of the album. After you already think about potential collaborations. Now, my priority is to give shape to the new disk.

Q: The music industry is changing, especially this last year that the Spanish are picking up a lot of strength with figures such as Rosalía or J Balvin. Also the success of the Latin sounds, such as “husk” of Karol G or RIPthe song you did with Sofia Reyes and Anitta. How do that living all these changes from your position?

R: It is awesome. This shows that the music is much more than a language. Music are emotions, and how it connects the melody with the lyrics and with the interpretations, regardless of the language in which you do, is amazing.

Q: The Grammys crowned this year Billie Eilish with an album that she produced at home. Something is definitely changing.

R: The music changes each year. It’s going to evolve, as do the tastes and will continue to change.

Q: Speaking of evolution, the next year celebrate the tenth anniversary of your major debut. How do you see your career from a distance?

R: I am very lucky to be able to live of the music, film and fashion, in many different ways with which to express myself. I am very lucky because I can do what I want and what I like.

Q: it is Still early, but how do you see yourself celebrating these 10 years of career?

R: In November, I turn 30 years old and by then I will have posted my new album. Probably, my birthday I caught on tour in South america.

Q: How do you see the crisis of the 30? For that we are at it, any advice is welcome.

R: I think that we should be grateful. The teens and twenty years are very confusing. It is very difficult to decipher who you are at that moment.

Q: What have you done to learn more: the successes, failures, or mistakes?

R: For me, the three things are the same. All of them allow me to learn and move on.

Q: Besides music, your other great passion is the cinema. After 50 shades of Grey and Detective: Pikachu, you get with your first protagonist in Twist, revolutionizing a historical character.

R: I loved the adaptation to a female character. I am very happy because I have been given the opportunity to be able to bring to the big screen the new version of a character like this.

I want that on my next album of pop music and fun

Q: what would You like to focus on the film for a season or attempt to bet for a balance between your two great passions?

R: In addition to participating as an actress, both for Fifty Shades as for Detective: PikachuI did the soundtrack. I think I can combine both facets. I don’t think that you have to choose. My biggest idols, Madonna and Whitney Houston, did not.

Q: This year we had a Superbowl starring two women from the likes of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Would you like to be the next guest star?

R: I would love to be in the Super Bowl! I thoroughly enjoyed the performance that made Jlo and Shakira. In addition, I liked that they were two women, something that had not ever seen. It was awesome. They are two great artists and have a few issues mind-boggling.

Q: do you Think that there is a real change in the industry in regard to equality between men and women?

Two mothers over forty years protagonicen a Super Bowl is very important. They are an example for me, because it allows me to see where you can advance a career, that it is possible to act in the Super Bowl.