Rosalia raised the temperature of Instagram with a sultry posed topless


Rosalia presented just a few days ago a piece of music to relieve the quarantine to their core. A song that many saw as a gift from the artist, who is also confined in Los Angeles working on his next musical project.

But what they didn’t expect their fans is that just a few days after this gift in the form of a song, the artist deleitase your eyes with a photo session of ‘high voltage’ inspired by his latest track, Hurt.

The photos you’ve shared on Instagram present it in laying on a bed, semitapada with a blanket and looking at camera. In each of the images appear by changing their posture.

In just a few hours, the publication has reached the 2 million of ‘likes’ and hundreds of users who have dedicated all kinds of compliments. One of the first to react to the burning session was their friend Kylie Jenner, who commented: “Oh, this is how you feel”.

In this series of snapshots of the interpreter With Height represents the cover of his new song, Hurtthat , in spite of not come accompanied by any video clip already over a million views on Youtube.

“Many are in quarantine, and many allowing the skin outside of the home. I’m in quarantine and I lost a bit track of time, because I decided I was not going to think about it too much and that, in change, was going to put my energy and my heart into something for others, my way”, wrote the artist about the release of this song, which had been introduced with the purpose of making you feel a little better to their fans in these moments of uncertainty by the crisis of the coronavirus.

While celebrities around the world are active on social networks offering all types of content to be close to their followers. Rosalia also be distracting to their fans with music, and burning photos, it seems that he is working on his next job, which will probably see the light next month of July as announced a few days ago with a video in which he appeared with well-known producer Mike Dean .