Rosita Fornés, “zero visits” in his house in Miami because of the high risk of infection of coronavirus


The vedette cubana Rosita Fornés it is one of the artists that has taken consciousness to the coronavirus and it has begun to take precautions and follow the directions issued by the healthcare institutions to prevent contagion and spread of COVID – 19.

So what has made known to King Gonzalez, administrator of the page Facebook dedicated to the artist, through a publication made in the wall of the same to try to reassure all those fans who have become concerned about the health of the singer, dancer and actress.

As said, although it has been a little absent from the social networks, has remained pending Rosita Fornés and ensures that is passing the quarantine at their residence in the city of Miami (Florida) and that account with all the care to face these difficult days together to her caregiver Irene Lopez. Also, he said that the star is following the guidelines to have “zero visits” at this stage and that is all that dictates your doctor.

“To the friends and admirers of Rosita Fornés. A few days ago that did not enter in its Official website that I manage. Sorry. As I said, I’m thinking of another thing and I don’t want to do anything without the due respect and inspiration. But as many have written to me asking me about the health of your beloved artist today I called to home of Irene Lopez, the guardian angel who takes care of Rosita Fornés in Miami, as he did in his day with the great Libertad Lamarque. I said literally the following: King, Heather is well. As all, without leaving the home, normal thing. Spends a lot of time listening to the news, watches a lot of TV. To abide by the order of zero visits for the high risk of infection and your doctor wants you to be as secluded as possible. But she is well, Thank God,” wrote King Gonzalez.

On the 11th of February Rosita Fornés turned 97 years of age, a date that held in his home in the city of The sun with a party intimate, attended by family and friends.

Known as the “Star of America”, received in its day, a hundred congratulations on the part of its most faithful admirers as well as several personalities from the art and culture of the island that profess a special fondness.

The artist is very loved by the public of Cuba and many are remembered for their participation both in the cinema as in the theatre and television. Movies like Secondary roles or Will swapwhere he gave life to Glory under the leadership of the cuban director Juan Carlos Tabío, are some of his most important work.

Also, Rosita Fornes not only conquered the public of the island with its beauty, art and charisma, but also to other countries such as Mexico, where he was seen as part of more than a dozen tapes film alongside stars such as Luis Aguilar, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Tin Tan, Marga López, Joaquín Pardavé, or siblings Soler, among many others.