“Ruined,” and is a VIP Telecinco. Lydia Lozano was not expecting it


March 26, 2020
(10:00 CET)

Lydia Lozano decided not to come to Save me for the duration of the state of alert. The collaborator connects with the program as others of their colleagues by Skype. In spite of this is always the last hour. This health crisis will bring a great economic crisis with thousands of layoffs and closures of businesses, some of them iconic and larger companies, although those who suffer most will be the self-employed with a small local business. The tertuliana has a lot of fear by some of his acquaintances that are not going well and living with fear by not knowing what will happen in the next few weeks.

Lozano has been interviewed on several occasions to Mayte Zaldivar and the former Julián Muñoz would not mind to go back to Save me to give an interview. The entrepreneur dared to mount a gastrobar called Puesto85 in the market of Marbella. It was opened with great enthusiasm, she and her partner in 2017 and just three years after that viewed as his illusion would be ruined because of this health crisis.

As all the Spanish have had to close their business for an indefinite period of time. Probably more than a month. And that means that they have ceased to enter and that all are expenses. “I think what will be of us after all this?”, account to a popular magazine.

Right now, however, what matters is that yours are well and the coronavirus is not carried to any family member or friend. You want this to finish well and do it as soon as possible. Is already tired of seeing as it takes thousands of lives all over the world. “If I tell you the truth, I now have the head in that we are all well and that this ends soon”, responds.

“Now that we can’t embrace we are making video calls. I the first”, he says. Your tone spread positivity until that delves into the economic situation that has remained after the break of your business. “There is a scheduled closure, so that previously had stockpiles of food, paid to suppliers. Caught us without having prepared us and is a stick”confesses Mayte Zaldívar.

With respect to workers were two of them. Their main source of income out of the gastrobar. Only had a person hired on a temporary basis, as an extra to the days of more affluence of public. “I had a person that came once in a while and I was with my partner also. We have had to make a STRONG because that’s how I advised my manager. At the end is a very small and think that we are autonomous“, adds Mayte Zaldívar.