Sarah Jessica Parker arrives at the age of 55 as a fashion icon


The actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who gives life to Carrie Bradshaw from the famous series “Sex and the City”, met 55 years looking completely spectacular and being an icon of the fashionjust as his most famous character.

Remember that Sarah Jessica Parker he started his artistic career from a very small and rose to fame in the late nineties, after starring in the series “Sex and the City”. We have also seen participating in films and plays, however his most popular character will always be Carrie Bradshaw.

A character that has many similarities with your reality, because Sarah today to 55 years represents an icon of fashion and style. And if you’re a fanatical faithful of this actress, here you have some data of Parker that very few know.

Sarah Jessica Parker meets 55 years

It is known that the origins of this actress were not all lucky, because he belonged to a family of origin is humble, and his parents split up when she was just 11 years old. However 3 years after Sarah began her journey to the world of entertainment through their participation in a play called “Annie”.

In 1991 he met the love of his life, the actor Matthew Broderick, and six years after they were married in New York. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew had three children: James, and twins Marion and Tabitha, who had through a gestational surrogacy.

An icon of fashion and style

It is known that Sarah at the beginning was not very convinced of working on the series “Sex and the City”, however it was one of the most successful productions with a duration of more than 6 years, 94 episodes and even a couple of movies.

Although in the series Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall (Samantha Jones in the series) seemed very united, the reality is that these actresses starred in several scandals of the showbiz to be considered enemy, and whose reason for this poor relationship is still unknown.

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Although his artistic life has been diminished, Sarah Jessica Parker behind-the-scenes has been placed as a successful entrepreneur, having your own online store “SJP Collection”, where it sells shoes, bags, fragrances and books.