Selena Gomez crushes TikTok with this video I doing it with him! Attention


March 25, 2020
(13:10 CET)

There are many celebrities that in these moments in which the situation caused by the coronavirus is causing confinement and extreme measures to maintain personal hygiene, they are sharing through their social networks, tricks or tips.

One of them is, of course, Selena Gomez. It is nothing new that the american singer has always had a gap in his busy agenda for humanitarian causes, or in favor of the most disadvantaged. In this case, unlike in other cases, all of their followers, they are more rich or more poor, are equally exposed to this virus that many of the problems it is causing.

So I wanted to share a video promoted by the World Health organization in the that are challenged to wash their hands well. A few images that lead accumulated more than 5 million views on Instagram.

The video of Tik Tok Selena Gomez

However, while this video has become, how not to, in viral, are other images that also are giving a lot to talk about. A video created by Zach Kinga star in I came and in YouTube that generates videos in which optical illusions and ‘tricks’ through the camera petan.

In this case we can see how a girl sits down to the make-up and, putting a cover page on which it appears Selena Gomez and saying that wants to look like her, the makeup artist, ‘magically’, complies with his desire and converts it in it.

Images that have already given you the tour of the world and they have generated many comments on social networks. Comments such as “It’s brutal”, “How do you do?”, “What a great Selena Gomez”, “Awesome”, “What a beast”, “I love it” or “I had Not seen it ever, but it is the most” as they fly through the social network alongside a video of Selena that, if though it is not as necessary or helpful as the challenge it is to wash their hands, entertain many in these hard times.