Son of Anna Barbara becomes the feeling to show off their dance steps


Tik Tok it has become one of the most popular social networks of the moment, and Ana Barbara is already joined to this community of tiktokers, and in one of his recent videos, he decided to show us the dance steps of your child.

In the video it is possible to see Ana Barbara to say that the quarantine should be a reason to exercise at home, and that she makes it to the rhythm of his song, “my heart,” he shares with the group bronco, and although Ana Bárbara is giving it her all in the video who steals the glances is his son, Chema.

Chema is to follow the step to his mom, but could not surrender and start doing their own steps like the chicken or the wiggle of a hip.

The video of Tik Tok has gone viral and already up there memes of the son of Ana Barbara with phrases like “I in the feast I am the son of Anna Barbara” or “this could be you and I but you freseas baby”.

Look at the video of Ana Barbara and Chema

The video has reached thousands of reproductions on the part of the fans of Ana Barbara Who can’t help bring a smile to see the innocence of Chema to wiggle in order to please their mother fulfilling with the hashtag I’m moving house.

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Ana Barbara has more than a million and a half followers who if they were able to brighten the afternoon with the video shared by the interpreter, “and I looked it up” in addition to Ana Barbara every so often adds to challenges of viral which we can enjoy through your account in this social network.