SOS Mila Ximénez. His confession harder. Spain with the mouth open

March 25, 2020
(13:41 CET)

Mila Ximenez is like all the spaniards confined in his house. For her this is not something new, and we have now understood all the calvary that lived during his stay in the house most famous for the television. A quarantine is not easy and if to this we add the uncertainty and the loneliness a lot less. Luckily, to combat the boredom, Mila can write for your magazine blog Reading, where he has spoken logically from the current situation of the country and their own.

“I start my second week of isolation and the truth that I am not being evil”, ensures. “At first, I have to admit that I went a little bit panicked by the situation, but I have decided to catch that in stride and enjoy things that previously did not by the rush”, continues.

The tertuliana has no fear in what may happen to her. In fact does not do confinement, thinking about her, but in the members of his family. Know that it is an older person and therefore high-risk, but it is the least of it. “If I have infected, for me it would be less of a problem for them“, account.

mila ximénez save me

His daughter Dawn is taking care of their grandchildren, and only lacks his mother fell ill. “We would cause a collapse unnecessary”. “I try to hear and see the necessary data without choking. And the things that once caused me anxiety, now I attempt to take it with humor. That what I keep being fatal are those that use the networks to say crap. And that use this medium to increase their followers without having to contribute a minimum of interest in what we are dealing with and truly cares. I’m interested in very little to see their closets neat, or how would you recommend that we paint as the doors each day. I for my part, I am enjoying my clean face and not have to think about what I wear,” she confesses.

Mila Ximénez take advantage of this time to do what gives him the win. Basically what before was not allowed. In addition, it has now had enough time to think and to see that people care about truth and who isn’t. Has become more selfish and confesses that reject to those people that complain constantly.