Suzy Cortez raises his rear from the tub with a loss tanguita rosa


Suzy Cortez raises his rear from the tub with a loss tanguita rosa

The brazilian model Suzy Cortez.

Special / Suzy Cortez

Suzy Cortez was given a foam bath and shared took on Instagram. In this appears with a bikini which has tanguita a piece of pink color, which has been lost between their curves.

Because of its sensual, dare we talked with her, to know how to prepare to film all this type of erotic material that so much success is giving to the world level.

Suzy explained to us that for this type of audiovisual works, tends to be fully prepared from a physical level, because diet and exercise have always been a constant in his life.

The training and diets have been a part of my life for a long time, my concern in any part of the world that I’m going to know is if there is a great gym near where I am to not miss my workouts“, said Suzy to The Opinion.

Suzy is also convincing when explaining that their adventure with this type of content are very happy for the affection and welcome that you are getting from the public, and also said that many of these ideas were also born to fulfill the wishes of some fans. “My fans are very polite and do not ask me for anything strange, they always want to know about my life, where I live and they tell me what they like most about the photos and videos”, revealed to us in an interview last.

We share that last week Noelia, the puerto rican singer shared a similar video. It is just that in this one she was totally naked.

On the possible competition or jealousy that might exist between influencers or models to stand out as women sensual and erotic in the world of social networking, this is the position and opinion of the brazilian: “I think that we are all beautiful and wonderful. There is space for them all shine. I am totally against the rivalry between women.”

Currently, in addition to Suzy Cortez there are many other models, singers and actresses who have become stars erotic in the world of Instagram. The names of these depart from a famous Kim Kardashian to Alexa Dellanos, the famous daughter of the former star of Univision in First Impact, Myrka Dellanos.

Suzy for its part remains firm between the preferences of the public and its contents to OnlyFans has become one of the most profitable and better paid at the international level.

The model exposes that she has many commitments that lead her to travel around the world. The issue, however, the coronavirus is very scared. “I have many commitments in march. I have to travel to Mexico, the united States and Europe, and I am too afraid to go up to the aircraft due to the coronavirus,” said fearful. But it also expresses that your professionalism is maintained always at the foot of the canyon.

Here we share the image of the bikinazo of the brazilian, before getting wet the whole inside of the tub.