‘Tenet’ of Christopher Nolan keeps its release date for the moment despite the coronavirus


The crisis of the coronavirus has caused the cancellation of many film releases, even coming that were planned for this summer. However, there are still some movies that hold your date. This is the case of the next tape by Christopher Nolan.


‘Tenet’ plans to release still on July 17, 2020 according to reports Deadline. Do within four months will be able to reopen the cinema? It is impossible to know with certainty. What we can venture to say is that if finally ‘Tenet’ not released in cinemas on that date, will be postponed but will not fall back to the online premiere. Warner Bros has already delayed the premiere of their other movies as ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ or ‘In a neighborhood of New York.’

‘Tenet’ is starred by John David Washington, and Robert Pattinson. The trailer revealed to us part of its plot: a spy comes to a new international group called “The Beyond”. Your mission, along with its companion, is to avoid the Third World War. This spy you receive an important code: Tenet. This word can get you both allies as well as enemies. You must tread carefully because you can’t trust anyone. Nolan will play with our minds with this film that mixes action, drama, time travel…

Different strategy

Other film studios have opted to bring their releases to streaming platforms. For example, Universal Pictures ahead of the premiere digital films that were already in billboard as ‘The invisible man’, but also plans to premiere this way ‘Troll 2: world Tour’. Other films have also made their arrival to the internet as ‘Bad Boys For Life’ or ‘Sonic: The movie’.

This decision is to bet on what digital is a great loss in the movie theaters. Nolan already insisted in an interview the need to support these businesses once they reopen. The entire film industry will suffer huge economic losses, and firms are still looking for the best strategy to minimize these gaps.