THAT HORROR – The Sugar Daddy of Ninoska Vasquez accuses her of “put4 and crook” (+EVIDENCE THAT REFERS TO NINOSKA)


The Sugar Daddy of Ninoska Vasquez caused a stir on social networks after accusing her of “crook” and “put4”.

The well-known model and former Miss Earth Venezuela To 2017, Ninoska Vasquez again returns to the fore in public starring in a new controversy, and is that the young person is being accused by his own boyfriend, the magnate mexicano Javier Rodríguez Borgio of allegedly being a vicious crook and a prostitute.

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The shocking news is unveiled after the famous millionaire posted a photo with the model venezuelan through his account of IG. However, what caught the attention of netizens were the inappropriate words used by the partner of Ninoska to refer to it as in the description of the image, expressed the following: “Today I met with a con-artist universal”.

But not everything was there because in the comment section, the man turned to insult grotesquely to the ex-beauty queen and wrote: “She was devoted to that“ then said: “Put4“ in addition to other post made by the owner of the chain of casinos “Big Balls“ Javier Rodríguez Borgio mentioned that he had met the young when it is supposedly serving as “prepaid” and get their services turned to offer a high rate of pay “We just got the quota”, said.

In the image exposed for the mexican can be seen Ninoska very embraced with him while he enjoyed the paradisiacal island of los Roques. For the occasion the model using a bathing dress in color skin, the same with that after is portrayed posing alone in the mentioned place, so accurate it is not doubt that this is the model.

It should be noted that before the controversy generated, a follower decided to consult Ninoska relating to the subject matter through IG and wrote: “More the suggar is descontrolo“ to which, the venezuelan only limited to answer: “I already know”.

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On the other hand, it is also known that Ninoska Vasquez joined the list of venezuelan that is located in the province of Tulum, Quintana Roo located in Mexico, where he will perform a megafestival on 10 January called “Day Zero“, event recognized by moving a large index of drugs, alcohol, prostitutes and be the epicentre perfect used by the drug traffickers more hard to perform their respective meetings.

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