The 5 outfits more sensual Natalia Barulích, ex-Maluma


The 5 outfits more sensual Natalia Barulích, ex-Maluma

Natalia Barulich.

Jon Kopaloff / Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Natalia Barulích it is the beautiful and sexy model ex-girlfriend of Maluma who in their social networks, boasts the the most daring bikinis infarction. And if you were wanting more you leave some of your outfits more sexy.

1. Beautiful in colors

With an elegant dress of colors looked like a beautiful siren in the light of the sun.

2. On transparencies and leather

A top very transparent and a leather trousers showed off her more rebellious and brought out the sighs of all his followers.

3. Sexy Jazmine

For Halloween 2019, Natalia disguised herself as Jazmine, the movie Aladdin. Wore beautiful princess.

4. In lingerie

This set the black made it look spectacular, highlighted her sexy figure and her attributes looked really good in all its splendor.

5. With a sheet

With nothing more than a bed sheet, the model wore it very sensual and it showed that it did not need to dress in the most costly garments.