The channel Disney XD disappears in Spain after the arrival of Disney+


The arrival of Disney+ has Spain has made staggering for all of the network audio-visual in the country. Competition of a few, and allied to the other, the platform has led to a paradigm shift before which all the agents are being forced to act and adapt. Including themselves.

Disney XD ceases its emissions

One of the tv channels the House of Mouse, Disney XD has announced that it will end its broadcasts in Spain this monthon the 31st of march. A swerve logical since the content of its programming can already be found in the platform, so that to keep it would be contraprogramarse themselves. Disney has confirmed that everything responds to “a bet by the concentration of its channels.” In the channel, you can see the printed date of the termination of their emissions.

Disney XD had active in the national territory on the platforms of pay-tv since the year 2009, when replaced on the channel Jetix. Once it finishes its emissions by 31 march, will pass on to a better life along the canal Movistar Disney, which also announced its cessation, following the new agreement between Telefónica and the american giant.

Disney on open

These two channels are not the only one that holds Disney in Spain, as there is that adding them to the Disney Channel and Disney Junior. However, these two are available to everyone for free on the DTT. This is why the company of Bob Chapek has chosen to keep them active. The contents of Disney XD will be divided among Disney+, Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

The strategy of Disney is clear, monopolize on a single platform to all those willing to pay for their content. And what is true is that its emergence has been very good, getting 5 million downloads in its arrival to Europe two days ago. A plan that expects to continue to develop with the launch of Hulu in the next year with all the adult content that is not home to Disney+.