The diet with which Adele managed to lose almost 100 pounds


Adele looks amazingand although many argue that has been thinned too much, the reality is that your transformation is undeniable.

For several months the singer has been subjected to a consistent routine of exercise and a dietary regime that has shown its results in the latest images of the famous. The diet with which Adele managed to lose almost 100 poundsof the approximately 240 who weighed, was revealed by a report from the Daily Mail.

This is the diet Sirtfood. That plan is to design a regime with foods that are known as activators of sirtuins, which are enzymes related to the metabolism and reduce the inflammation of the stomach to create a effect in the body similar to that of the exercise or fasting. In addition, it is said that activate a gene quemagrasa and reduce appetite.

Camila Goodisformer personal coach of Adele, told the publication that the singer has gone strictly to this dietary regime which involves, during the first few weeks, drinking green juices and just a thousand calories.

In addition, the diet Sirtfood suggests eating red fruits like blueberries and strawberriesand include citrus fruits, kale, soybeans, apples, walnuts, parsley, turmeric, capers and black chocolate. It is said that other celebrities follow this model, like Peppa Middleton, Madonna and Daniel Craig.

The creators of this diet are nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenwho cater to many celebrities. Therefore, the correct follow-up of this regime costs about $9,000 dollars a month.

To restrict the consumption of calories, can be very dangerous without the right guidance, as can cause the decrease in blood pressure, fainting, or even anemia. So it is best to consult a specialist in weight loss before you undergo this type of regime.