The dramatic confession of Kelly Clarkson: “I Thought of killing myself”


The singer Kelly Clarkson he talked about the depression that he suffered during the first four years of his career in music, when pushed to a lower weight.

Clarkson he rose to fame by being chosen the winner of the first season of the reality American Idol in 2002. Her first single entitled “A Moment Like This” set a record in the US, going from number 52 to number 1 in the “Billboard Hot 100”, a record previously set by The Beatles with “Can’t buy me love”.

At the end of 2004, the texan launched his album Breakawaand, that was a success. At that time, the singer was part of the record company, Clive Davis, RCA Records.

Clarkson, 35 years, revealed now that the company pressured them constantly to lose weight and adjust to a standard of beauty that ultimately make you lose the will to live. “When I was very thin, I wanted to kill myself,” he said in an interview with the magazine Attitude.

“It was incredibly sad, inside and out, for four years of my life. But nobody cared because aesthetically it fit“, he added.

In consequence, Clarkson -who had suffered an eating disorder in their years in the school – ended up suffering physical problems due to the intensity of the exercise that was to maintain that “perfect weight” .

“I had the knees and the feet shattered because the only thing I did was to run: I put on my headphones and began to run. I was at the gym all the time.”

With the passage of time, he realized that he needed to distance themselves from the record label to start his own path. But before, he said he had to improve his environment. “I was surrounded by some people very negative, and I walked away from all of that because it also had the support of the other wonderful”.