The medical advisor for the movie ‘Contagion’ has tested positive for coronavirus


Sometimes the irony is present even in the worst moments. The pandemic of the coronavirus that keeps you in suspense to the world had given him a second life of the movie ‘Contagion’. The movie directed by Steven Soderbergh, which has become one of the most views, account the effects of a dangerous virus called “MEV-1”, which has attracted inevitably the curiosity of many. And now, the actual virus has crossed filled with the film.

Movie 'Contagion'

The medical advisor of the film, Dr. Ian Lipkin, has revealed in Fox Business that has been infected COVID-19, giving positive tests, it has been done. Lipkin, a virologist from the Center for Infection and Immunity of Columbia University, recalled through the same message in video anyone can get the disease, so there is that to take all the necessary measures to avoid it: “If you can fuck me to me, can pick you up to anyone”.

In addition, he also wanted to make it clear that although from the highest spheres are not able to anticipate the virus with the measures that are being announced (the number of infected in the united States is growing at a dizzying pace), stop the coronavirus is a thing of all. In the recording, called the quarantine and social distancing of the entire population: “The best tool we have is the isolation and confinement”. “We really do not know when we will have this under control”, he explained.

The famous cascade

Lipkin has joined with its messages of prevention to the increasingly long list of celebrities and public figures that they are asking for citizen collaboration to prevent the spread of the virus. Sophie Turner, Emma Watson, Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, Danny DeVito… Hollywood has it clear and those who are already infected as those who did not, know of its importance and its ability to reach a lot of people.

‘Contagion’ can be viewed via streaming in Spain from April 1, on HBO, that will include in your catalog. And for the more anxious, the movie is already available for rent on platforms like Rakuten TV, iTunes, or Google Play Movies.