The photo of Rosalia as God brought the world! before being (quite) famous



March 25, 2020
(14:40 CET)

There are many who speak of Rosalia as one of the best artists of the moment to the international level. The awards we have achieved the Catalan demonstrates this well. And one of the reasons why the experts have to spend more than good words to the singer, it is because Rosalie back all of his enormous musical knowledge at the time of making their topics.

Unlike other artists, the Rosalia is the one who creates and composes all of his issues and is very attentive to each and every one of the details. And that’s reflected in, once more, the new song that has been released through the digital platforms: Hurt.

A new romantic ballad that, with the particular sound that always surrounds the San Esteve Sesrovires, are petando in the networks. A Rosalia that, in addition to, as expected, has chosen to promote it in social networks.

The photo of Rosalia

Some social networks, especially Instagram, in which the Catalan what peta equal to or more than the scenarios. Are neither more nor less than 10.3 million followers that accumulates in your account.

Followers that applaud each and every one of their publications. However, few have had the patience to go to their first photos. Yes, those who have done so, they have been met with a surprise. A selfie of Rosalia when he was barely 20 years which appears as a God brought to the world.


A photo that, unlike the other, it accumulates a lot less likes than the rest. Probably because many of us were unaware of. Yes, sure now that many have with it, the counter likes to shoot. Among other things because, since then, and as well point even the most faithful, we are faced with one of the images most sensual of the artist.