The photo of Rosalie in bed without anything that triumphs in Spain (and takes hours)


March 26, 2020
(12:10 CET)

We don’t know very well if Rosalia is or is not very aware of what his followers write it on the social networks. What is curious is that, just a few hours after one of their first photos in Instagram, where he was taking a selfie as God brought the world, the singer has hung a picture very similar.

There were many who were left in the boxes to see the image Rosalia at just 20 years old posing very sensual. Even some of them claimed that emulate one posed like that. It seems that the stars (or anyone) has heard.

The photo of Rosalia

The case is that, with the occasion of the launch of your new theme, Hurtof San Esteve Sesrovires it has been photographed without any clothes on in bed emulating the illustration with which he promoted his new theme in the social networks.

A photo in which we also see as God brought the world and in a posture very sensual. As was to be expected taking in account that the edge has almost 11 million followers only in Instagramwithin minutes the image has already been has become a viral phenomenon.

Leads accumulated, eye, neither more nor less than almost 2 million likes in less than 24 hours and, also as it was logical and expected, thousands of comments. Comments, that the vast majority of their followers praise the beauty and the naturalness with which she poses for the Rosalia.

“That woman’s month beautiful uncle and that art that has God bless you girl”, “Beautiful”, “Spectacular”, “you can’t be more beautiful and more sensual than you, my daughter”, “Rosalia again without any clothes on, it’s brutal” or “Your best photo without a doubt” these are just some of the many opinions in this regard.