The screenwriter of ‘Expediente Warren: Bound by the demon’ ensures that it will be something completely different


‘Record Warren’ has become one of the franchises of terror more successful, and this year is planning to launch its third installment. It is a matter of Record Warren: Bound by the demon’, and although currently there are few details about the project, he has fixed as the date for the premiere in Spain the 11 of September of this yearand your writer has begun to give small clues by answering the tweet of a fan of the saga.

Dossier Warren

“Can you confirm that the third installment will have two cases? As the first two movies… do you Have any update on the next movie of James Wan ‘Malignant’?” asked the fan, to which David Johnson responded: “I was not very involved in ‘Malignant’, all I can say is that you should see it as soon as you get the chance. ‘Expediente Warren: Bound by the demon’ is a film completely different to the first two. The franchise is expanding beyond the formula of the ‘haunted house'”.

Renewing the genre

Apparently, although it will come in the main cast with the same faces that in previous deliveries, as we will have back to Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, as these words appear to seek to be renewed. For the moment what we know is that it will focus on the first case of murder in the united States in which the defendant claimed to have been possessed by the devil.