The secret to Kelly Clarkson to lose 17 kilos


Despite his reticence to comment on it, finally Kelly Clarkson told how he was able to lose weight 17 kilos. The singer, who battle with his weight due to a thyroid problemrevealed that physical exercise contributed to his weight loss.

Clarkson, 36, explained that a book is responsible for this change. “I read a book, for my thyroid problem, and now all my levels are good again” said on the book “The Plant Paradox”, written by the cardiac surgeon Steven R. Gundry, to u.s. media.

The jury of “The Voice” caught the attention with his new figure in an awards ceremony, and he explained that “basically this is how we cook our foodwithout pesticides and eating organic food”.

Kelly Clarkson, in a ceremony awards in 2017.
Kelly Clarkson, in a ceremony awards in 2017.

In addition, he stated that his exercise routine has not changed. “I’m not training! I think that people think that what I do and I always say ‘don’t think that I’m going to end up doing some sport’,” he said.

Clarkson has had to contend, as many other celebrities, the “fat shaming”a form of abuse (especially in social networks) because of the weight. In fact, recently, show host Wendy Williams mocked in your program of weight of the singer.