The secrets of the diet of Adele


The singer Adele decided to withdraw temporarily from music to devote himself to the care of your child but also is taking advantage of the free time to lose weight, which has been already done in spectacular fashion. Today we show you the secrets of the diet of Adelewith each public appearance surprises for your figure, very thin and totally different than it had when we met.

Adele it is on the lips of all its physicaland is that the singer has decided to lose weight to have healthy habits and to escape the health problems that can lead to the extra pounds when you are as many as the that she had. Although it has not been confirmed by a number, it is said that until the moment has lost about 45 pounds.

These are the secrets of the diet of Adele

Her coach has given some details of the habits, which the singer acquired in the last couple of years to be able to lose as much weight. It has completely changed your life style and your dietbeginning in the first week by consuming only juice greens and then focus on a diet of only 1,000 calories, something that should only be done under medical supervision.

In addition follow a very strict diet, Adele also performs exercise, although your trainer ensures that you go to the gym you don’t like a lot. What more does is to practice pilates and different strength exercises. It has also changed stopped smoking and has reduced the intake of alcohol, whose consumption is performed now only on occasion very, very special and in little amount.

The results of the diet of Adele have been surprised both his fans as well as the rest of the world, and is without doubt the clear example that no matter how excessive your weight, with healthy habits you can reduce it to reach your ideal weight and that your health is better. A healthy and balanced diet combined with daily exercise is the recipe for success to lose weight, any person.