The singer Kelly Clarkson will have his own tv show


Kelly Clarkson will be the host and executive producer of the program interviews The Kelly Clarkson Show for NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution, reported Variety.

The singer gave a preview of his new show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, in which he said that his show will be morningand the band that accompanies you during your tour will be the that animate their transmissions.

“We are very pleased to have Kelly Clarkson in the air. Is genuine, warm, funny and interacts with his fans in a meaningful way,” said Valari Staab, president of NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, in a press release.

“Throughout his career, people of all ages and origins have been linked to its openness, honesty, and curiosity. She will be the perfect companion for ‘Ellen’ (DeGeneres), providing an evening of good television.”

Paul Telegdy, president of Alternative & Reality Group of NBC Entertainment, commented on his joy at having to Clarkson working with them, sharing to the public your talent, humor, and compassion during the day.

“With the attractive inter-generational Kelly and his extraordinary ability to understand and connect with viewers, The Kelly Clarkson Show will have something for everyone,” he added.

The program will premiere in the fall of 2019.