The Spanish actor Dani Rovira announces that he has cancer


The actor and comedian Spanish Dani Rovira announced on Wednesday through their social networks that have a type of cancer of the lymphatic system.

The protagonist of the film Eight surnames basques he released the news via an emotive publication, in which he said that just a week ago he was diagnosed as suffering from a Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but added that was months dragging some tiredness and discomfort.

“If I decide to make this public is because, for good or for bad, I am a public figure. And before the start of the circus of speculation and sensationalism in certain press and on social networks, I prefer to be I the main source of information”.

The popular actor said that this Wednesday was her first day of chemotherapy, which lies ahead “a long struggle against the ‘bug’”, and that no lack of “forces, nor a desire to succeed of this”. It added that it “has a good prognosis” and that the doctors will give “very good feeling”.

In the midst of the growing crisis in Spain and worldwide from the pandemic of the coronavirusthe actor has said to be aware of who is about to become a high-risk population when the defenses and the immune system begin to fail in a few days, which will mean that you have to take care of a lot more.

“We will be fighting and protecting us at home, with my three perretes and with my life partner, Clara. I love ‘telematics’ of my family and my friends,” he added Rovira in reference to his partner, the actress also Clear Lake.

“Only I ask you to continue as until now. Cuidándoos each other. Adding solidarity, humour, humanity… and For my part, we will continue rolling up their sleeves from home. The humor and love is our best prescription. All this will pass. Encouragement to all in these difficult times. But so are the challenges, to overcome them and the lessons learned will make us be better people,” concluded the actor.

Dani Rovira and Clara Lago broke off their engagement in may of 2019, after five years together. However, in the last few months had grown the rumors that the couple had resumed their relationship, something that is now confirmed. The two started their relationship in the wake of the blockbuster film Eight surnames basques, which then led to a sequel: Eight Catalan surnames.

The actor has completed his message by reference to Pablo Ráez, a young andalusian who passed away in February of 2017 because of a leukaemia and Rovira, next to the faces of so many famous spaniards took to the streets, to shoot marrow donations in Spain in that year. “As he said in his day my favorite hero:#SiempreFuerte I love you”, you have finished your message, Dani Rovira.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a disease oncohematológica. This group is made up of the diseases in which the cells that malignizan are cells in the blood, as occurs in the case of leukemia.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is not a cancer too common, even though it appears especially in adolescents and young adults (15-30 years). The disease usually have a good prognosis and, according to the Spanish Society of Haematology and Haemotherapy, between 80% and 90% of patients with Hodgkin lymphoma comes to heal.