The striking physical transformation of Adele

Adele he returned to the news following the publication of a photograph that shows your great physical change in this last year. The british singer, 31-year-old, under 40 pounds and looks new silhouette that has nothing to do with who we met a few years ago.

It debuted publicly with his unrecognizable weight loss a few months ago, when the media photographed on a caribbean beach in the company of James Corden and Harry Styles. Now, bragged about his renewed figure in a party post Oscar organized by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who attended with a form-fitting dress with print animal print.

The presenter of the Polish Kinga Rusin, took a picture with Adele, and he shared in their social networks. In addition, it revealed that he could not recognize it without first to hear his name. “I honestly do not recognise her because it is very thin” wrote the journalist about the singer in his account of Instagram, in a post that quickly became viral.

The news of the new image, the reactions of the followers were not long in coming. “Is unrecognizable”, “it does not seem she” or “really, how is Adele?” were some of the comments from users to the renewed image of the star of the music.

In the past year, Adele has taken a personal process that resulted in an amazing change in his image and decided to keep it hidden from the media.

The diet of the interpreter of songs such as “Hello” or “Skyfall” has made its physical change of form is extreme and that many are concerned about their state of health. She, so far, has not made a statement about it.

The coach of Adele shared the secrets behind her new body

Camila Goodis shared on television the details behind the remarkable weight loss of the superstar, revealing that he got his physical by adhering to a strict diet with a certain amount of calories per day and do physical exercise.

Goodis explained that Adele was subjected to a strict restriction on the food and a hard training day. The personal trainer revealed that the changes in the body of Adele were greatly reduced to a significant decrease in your calorie consumption, reducing to half the recommended daily amount for women is 2,000 calories.

Many of his fans showed concern at seeing her “too thin”.

“Is doing physical activity, but I think that 90 percent is diet, ” said Goodis to presenter Lorraine Kelly. “It is a good diet to lose weight. The first week is intense, green juices, and only 1,000 calories. Not looks very thin, looks amazing”.

In statements to the tabloid The Sun in January, Goodis reaffirmed that the weight loss is due mainly to the diet because the singer does not like to go to the gym.

Adele also had the help of the guru of fitness Joe Wicksalso known as The Body Coach, and celebrity trainer Dalton Wong, who has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence. “He has been working in secret with these personal trainers. Is not the type that makes exercise in front of the other, so he schemes and plans at home, using videos and tutorials”.

In the middle of last month April, the singer announced that, after seven years of relationship and a child in common, was separated from her husband, the entrepreneur, new yorker Simon Konecki.

In October, Adele was related to the rapper Skepta, 37.

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