“The tears I came out”


The presenter cuban Raúl de Molina from the popular program of Univision The Fat and The Skinny, has communicated the sad news of the death in New York of a great friend to the cause of the coronavirus.

This is the prestigious chef of indian descent Floyd Cardoz of 59 years of age, well known in the country for his popular restaurant in The big apple and for having won the prize of Top Chef Master.

Raúl Molina gave the statement through the mentioned chain of television and told viewers that is unleashed with the departure of his friend because he has touched the heart.

“Today I touched this to my in the heart, because a person, chef Floyd Cardoz of New York’s 59-year-old and of indian descent, died,” said the moderator.

The presenter The Fat and The Skinny he further said that he learned of the tragedy minutes before you go to the channel and that we left the tears at home “for more than half an hour” while trying to digest the departure of his friend by the COVID – 19.

“I found out minutes before leaving for Univision and the tears I went out in my house for over half an hour, I couldn’t believe it,” he explained.

Raúl de Molina added that Floyd Cardoz had been uploaded a few days ago his account of Instagram a photograph from the hospital, but that his intention was not to cause alarm among his followers. It also said that the chef had been on the road for India and Germany and on his return to the united States was admitted to a new york hospital presenting fever symptoms.

“Gentlemen, this is up to anyone. He had put on his Instagram that he was in a hospital in New Jersey, who did not want to alarm the people, that he had a fever. He had travelled to India and then to Germany. He felt bad, thought I was better, and Floyd Cardoz, one of the greatest chef of the united States, died today in the city of New York,” he concluded.

As reported by Raúl de Molina, Floyd Cardoz shared a photo in your account of Instagram on march 17, his last publication, in which he spoke about his entry into the New York hospital as a precautionary measure after he developed symptoms of coronavirus.

“Sincere apologies to all. Sorry to have caused a panic abuse in my previous posting. I felt with fever and, therefore, as a precaution, I went into the hospital in New York. I was very anxious for my health, and my posting was very irresponsible, causing panic in several quarters. I returned to New York on the 8th of march via Frankfurt”, said Floyd Cardoz.