Tonight on tv: the movie and star today 26. March on the digital terrestrial


To beat Checco Zalone against all… Who manages to be Quo Vado?tonight in tv, unencrypted on channel 5 to 21: 20? In our opinion, nobody… Even if they are rivals of the securities, super. So great beautiful night tonight on TV, how to watch movies clearly on the digital terrestrial…

Tonight on television the evening of Checco Zalone is. But also: Keanu Reeves, Monica Bellucci, Ornella Muti, Stefano Accorsi.

tonight in tv, 26 March

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss in Matrix Reloadedon channel 20 Mediaset, the 21.05. Is the main rival of Quo Vado? from Checco Zalone… But movies films clear, tonight on the television there are many who like their stars. You will discover in our article.

And Uma Thurman, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery. And we close in beauty Jennifer Lawrence. Here is where you can see them tonight on television. On Thursday, the 26. March, in the clear on the digital terrestrial…

Tonight on TV: the movie and star are there?

QUO VADO? with Checco Zalone. The film is an insight into a permanent job: how not to remember. We have all seen, since the film is German, the high expected more. And not just in Italian movies: 65 million euros! The adventures of Checco, between Conversano (Bari) and Norway. But not only that… Chasing the fixed place. And all of the collateral leads(goes), from the school Bank to the North pole. And back… GREAT! ON CHANNEL 5 TO 21.20

Checco Zalone, or Keanu Reeves in the palandrana Neo? MATRIX RELOADED is the sequel to the legendary Matrix. We find the old characters, which by new. One for all, Persephone, or Monica Bellucci in latex and white… Neo and the other rebels have 72 hours to save Zion, you do not discover the machines… And then there is also the problem of the Trinity: you and your dreams… ON CHANNEL 20 MEDIASET UNTIL 21.05

The FAULT OF PARADISE, so the vintage effect, an Italian Comedy from 1985. There is Francesco (also Director) and Ornella Muti beautiful as never before (she spoke of the love between the two, at the time). He leaves the prison, and tried, again the child did to say goodbye to the ex-wife… she is the foster-mother, in the Valle d’aosta… ON CINE 34 TO 21: 20

FAST AS WIND is a more Comedy-dramatic italian style. One of the films Italian most beautiful of the last years, unusually, set in the world of car trips. It is the story of Stefano Accorsi (long hair, air-to-defeat from the life: bravo!) and the extraordinary revelation of Matilda De Angelis (very good!). She has for the motors and the supply a blood. In 17 years, the test of life is faced. With the brother of the ex-champion who had lost the page… don’T miss it! RAI MOVIE AT 21.10

tonight in the tv-movie recommended, in the clear digital terrestrial Thursday, March 26, stefano accorsi

The Italian film the most beautiful of the last years? Certainly one of the best surprises: Fast as the wind, with Stefano Accorsi and the revelation of Matilda De Angelis on Rai Movie at 21.10

Comedy, Hollywood style, instead of with MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND. Or as the film’s comic turn in Comedy ironiche and sentimental (not sdolcinate). Uma Thurman is the supereroina Jenny is G-Girl, that, if the human friend Luke Wilson leaves he will unleash you for a normal woman, her super powers. Under Reitman signed by the great Ivan (Ghostbusters), earned only for the catsuit Uma… ON the PARAMOUNT CHANNEL, 21.20

INDIANA JONES AND The LAST CRUSADE will always be a vision, even if it is the tenth time. It is the third film in the saga of Steven Spielberg. It’s Harrison Ford and River Phoenix, who play Indiana of adults and young. And Sean Connery, the father/master… the Great adventure and great location, from Venice to Petra. Hunting for the Holy Grail… ON the IRIS TO 21

tonight in television hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss in Hunger Games: Il canto della rivolta – parte 1, Italy 2, 21.20

And we end up with Jennifer Lawrence back on with the arc of Katniss in HUNGER GAMES: the SONG of THE REVOLT. PART 1. Our teenage heroine is always more of the leader of the rebels. At the end of the games, the stamina managed to pick you and other competitors and bring you in district 13. Katniss immediately accepted the job, but. And there is Peta, the other side, in the Capital City. What to do? TO ITALY WITH 2 TO 21.20

Good evening, tonight on TV…