VIDEO: Selena Gomez is left in ridicule in Tik Tok What a bear!


The beautiful and lovely singer Selena Gomez she has many talents, one of them is his privileged way of singing that has made breaking records in his career however the dance and the coordination is one of the talents that the singer is still not developed completely, and this he showed in Tik Tok.

Tik Tok Selena Gomez

The young man was in ridiculous in front of millions of people to not be able to learn the choreography of the song Say So of Doja Cat. This is one of the most simple Tik Tok and the most often repeated internet users, however, Selena not had time to aprendérsela or simply the coordination failed him.

Each time there are more celebrities who have joined Tik Tok due to the quarantine caused by the virus COVID19. These carried out the best choreographies or simply recorded saying the dialogues of movies or series to lose the boredom and entertain the people which is also found in the house.

Justin and Hailey also dance on Tik Tok

Other celebrities that have been doing dances to Tik Tok are nothing more and nothing less than Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, that’s right! the former couple Selena Gomez has demonstrated, with his wife, they are both very good at dancing and have a great deal of coordination as in your feed of Tik Tok are two videos where they look very comfortable dancing.

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There is No doubt that applications such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and even Snapchat cause people to be distracted a bit as that currently in the whole world millions of people are locked up in the house to protect yourself from coronavirus.