Wasn’t there anything smaller? Emily Ratajkowski puts legs up the quarantine with this photo. Attention!


March 25, 2020
(13:40 CET)

In these days social networks are becoming a very good weapon of distraction as well as information, there are many celebrities that are posting different type of content in them.

Yes, as much as the coronavirus is paralyzing half the world, there are certain stars which follow yours. And Emily Ratajkowski is one of them. A Emily that, while it is true that it has already shared in their networks a photo in which we see ‘confined’ at home (eye, always great she), in its latest publication has wanted to give a joy to their followers by pulling out of the past.

The photo of Emily Ratajkowski

And that is the model american, surely because you have plenty of time to review thousands of photos of their old sessions, he has found one that has made him special grace and has published.

A photo that has two and a half years and that, as she herself points out, it did when I lived in a loft in the center of The Angels. It seems that I have felt overwhelmed and, in fact, has pointed out in the picture that these two and a half years since then have been very intense.

But, as was to be expected seeing the image in question, of which more has been talked about in the comments, that is not that have been a few precisely, it has been of your outfit.

And is that Ratajkowski, by much that is passing the quarantine at your home, you know very well what it is that you have to publish on their networks to keep talking about it. In this case, a slinky little top and little more.

A photo that takes accumulated as neither more nor less than 1.3 million likes and has generated comments of all kinds. The great majority, how can you not, point in the same direction: to praise the sensuality of Emily.

“My mother is a goddess”, “can’t be more beautiful”, “Spectacular”, “This woman is not of this world” or “It is one of the most beautiful models of the moment” these are just some of them.