“What about the quarantine?”. Natti Natasha turns to do so. Another photo bomb on the beach


Natti Natasha

March 25, 2020
(19:49 CET)

Less than a week ago Natti Natasha arose a great controversy in social networks because in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus covid-19 that was producing thousands of deaths around the world, she hung a picture of her on the beach.

The singer of Dominican Republic seemed to not care about anything the recommendations of quarantine for a little fun and it turned against her in the social networks.

The public punishment was enormous, and it seems that you still fishtailing, although it does not seem that Natti Natasha has done little to alleviate it as it has posted a new photo on the beach…


On this occasion he has opted to pull of relaxation instead of for the fun of writing a message that said the following: “Meditation is essential for mental health”. And we can see in the image to Natti Natasha in the sand of the beach meditating with a top very eye-catching.

However, your call for calm has not been taken in the same way by their haters after the other day and the comments have been on the same page.

Continues the controversy

And is that the messages that you have left Natti Natasha on your account have not been precisely good and can read between them, messages like “what about the quarantine?” or “Go to your house.”

Natti Natasha should start to post other types of messages in social networks and especially in other locations if you do not want your image to follow to become corrupt.