WHAT DOLLS OF THE MAFIA? – Accuse Osmariel Villalobos and other models venezuelan of being linked with “narcofiestas” (+PHOTOS)


The well-known former cheerleader for the program “Covers“, Osmariel Villalobos again returns to the fore public and this time starring in a new controversy as it has recently been given to understand that apparently the young venezuelan would be participating in events of a very bad reputation in the company of other models creole among which stands out, the famous conductor of the channel, “Televen”, Aigil Goméz.

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In social networks was spread information in the sources to ensure that Osmariel Villalobos would have traveled to the province of Tulum, Quintana Roo is located in Mexico, with the purpose of attending a feast of the under world, in which is one of the “special guest” next to other figures in venezuela as the leader of the program “The hornet’s nest“, Aigil Gomézthe former Miss Amazonas 2017 22-year-old named Megan Alexandra Beci Scarr and former Miss Earth Delta Amacuro 2018, Sherry Peralta, and renowned stylist Giovanni Moon.

The rumor comes after that “coincidentally” the group of celebrities placed on their respective social accounts a series of pictures, enjoying the idyllic scenery of Tulum, Quinatana Roo place where precisely they will perform a megafestival the next 10 of January called “Day Zero” according to the same is prepared for major drug traffickers and which will have a duration of 2 days, in addition, that the entrance to the private party has a cost of approximately 2.042$.

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