What has broken up Rita Ora with the teen model of Jude Law?


The romance of Rita Ora , 29, and Rafferty Law, 23, could have come to its end. According to the journal The Sunthe couple has broken up after three months of romance. A source revealed to the publication that the distance could have been the trigger for the rupture between the singer and the son of Jude Law: “Rita really got on well with Raff on the set and had great chemistry. Approached while working together in London, although there were in a hurry to label their relationship or move too fast. Now Rita has spent so much time out of the country that already are not talking as much as before, and much less are doing the things that make the couples when they are together. Things are frozen until you return to the same country. Then perhaps they could resume their engagement, but at this time are friends.”

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Their romance came to light during the last delivery of the Brit awards Awards when they were photographed hand-in-hand. The singer and child model of the Hollywood actor fell in love on the set of the remake of Oliver Twist. Then wore out a couple of weeks, but it seemed that their relationship was so serious that it were happy to make public their love story. A source said then The Sun the chemistry between them was more than apparent and did not want to hide what they felt for each other despite being at the dawn of the relationship: “It has been cooking on a slow fire after they started to work together. Now that is a relationship, they decided that they were ready to go out as a couple, and could not avoid take of the hand to the marcharsede the Brits. Still are early days, but in this moment is love”.

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The couple met during the filming of Twistmovie , in, who shared the cast with Hollywood heavy-hitters as Michael Caine, who plays the wily Fagin, and the star of Game of Thrones Lena Headey, who plays Sikes. Rita, who is six years older than the eldest son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, she plays the role of the Artful Dodger, while he plays the main character.


It is the great opportunity of Rafferty as an actor, he has previously been a runway model for prestigious fashion brands. Between both, Rita Ora, which has already taken its steps in the world of film in the franchise Fifty shades of Grey he continues his music production and has announced more dates for his tour in Latin america, in addition to launching a line of bed linens in addition to his facet as an entrepreneur and designer.