What is the diet sirtfood? Analyze the diet with the that Adele she lost 45 pounds


The diet sirtfood it became famous thanks to the radical change of image starring Adele. The british singer surprised everyone with her new figure after lost 45 poundssomething that succeeded thanks to a hard routine of exercises and this diet.

Its creators, nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenensure that thanks to it you can lose more than three kilos in a week, and is based on eating a number of foods rich in sirtuin or that can activate them.

Sirtuins are proteins that enhance the ability to burn fat, reduce stomach inflammation, activates the metabolism and regulate the process of cellular aging. We can find them in foods like kale, or nuts.

But what is the Sirtfood Diet?

This diet is divided in two phases. The the first of them lasts a week and the second, two. The first is the most restrictive because during the first three days allows only the intake of 1000 calories per day.

But it does not in any way, as these calories are divided between a full meal (with food sirt, which are allowed on the diet) and three fruit and vegetable juices. The rest of the week will be two juices and two meals per day and can consume up to 1,500 calories.

After this phase completes, begin two weeks later, which are the maintenance. During this time, no longer count calories and you can consume more amount, you are allowed three meals and a green smoothie a day.

What are the foods allowed?

One of the aspects on which is based this diet is the consumption of foods certain, which are rich in protein sirtuins. Both the green juice as the daily meals are prepared with products of this list.

Some of the items that you can consume are: apples, buckwheat, blueberries, citrus, olive oil, green tea, parsley, red onions, kale, chicken, turkey or prawns. We found products as unexpected as the red wine or dark chocolate (85% cocoa).

What is a diet recommended?

As always you want to start a diet, the first step is to put yourself in the hands of professionals. Doctors and nutritionists will be those who you can guide in this process, and give you the recommended guidelines for your particular case.

Diet. (iStock)
Diet. (iStock)

This diet has been criticized on numerous occasions for his reduced calorie intake, especially the first few days, since the normal thing would be about 2,000, depending on each person. In addition, if you reduce the intake of what you accompany physical exercise, could have consequences for the health.

Your list of foods banish unhealthy products and processed, but also removes some of the that the body needs for proper functioning. Although yes, there is loss of weight, of moment, there are no scientific studies that support their results.