What you missed | Daniela Ospina, Luisa Fernanda W and Norma Nivia


Daniela Ospina relented to their fans by posting a photograph of his childhood, and Norma Nivia held in a very particular way the Day of the Woman.

10 Mar 2020 8:00By: canalrcn.com

This is ‘What you missed’ in SuperLike.

Posing at the edge of the sea, Natalia Barulich posed very sensual and ligerita of clothes, stealing several compliments on Instagram leaving a complete view of all your curves with which he drew the attention of the player neimar hensel, general, with those who have been engaging after his rupture with the colombian singer, Maluma.

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Daniela Ospina shared a sweet family photo in which he showed what it looked like when I was a child with his parents and his brother, goalkeeper David Ospina, enterneciendo to their followers with the constant memories published since the tragic news of the death of your dad.

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The singer Alzate he wanted to show his followers what wise that is in your home while landed in a particular photo outside of her home, and ended up revealing the luxurious house that you have in Parkland, united States.

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Luisa Fernanda W tired of the offensive comments he has received because of his relationship with Pipe Good and he responded with a resounding message to all who have been offended by the decisions that have been taken after the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend, the singer Legarda, with whom he formed one of the couples most beloved by fans of the influenciadora.

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The model and actress Norma Nivia captivated thousands of fans after celebrating the Day of the Woman posing with lingerie transparent so that confirmed that it remains one of the most sensual women and beautiful of Colombia not only by his physique but by his intellect and great talent for acting.

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