WITHOUT FEAR of ANYTHING – Sam Smith showed me his bare butt in Instagram and the celebrities reacted (+SCREENSHOTS)


Sam Smith is not afraid to show her body and this time placed it on his Instagram a revealing photo of her bare ass.

The singer and british composer, Samuel Frederick Smith, better known as Sam Smith, caused a frenzy to his fans and famous friends by posting in your account of Instagram a photo running naked into the sea with the message: “PURE LIFE”.

It should be noted that, instead of making negative comments as fans praised its publication, making comments like Free your body, free your mind and feel the moment!’, ‘You are a human beautiful’ , ‘Bare it all bb!’.

On the other hand, celebrities have not been left behind to write, “I Want to bite you” he said Cardi B , “ARSEEEEEE”, he wrote Niall Horan ,“Wait, I want to kiss you tushy”, he added Benny White , “I’m pursuing and I left footprints perfect,” he said Ryan Tedder and “I love you” released Nicole Scherzinger.

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Finally, Sam made it known to their fans who is taking the sun of Costa Rica, as commented in another of your snapshots: “I love you costa rica Refreshed and ready for 2020. Let’s go.”

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