“You are huge!”. Selfie of Emily Ratajkowski in the bathroom during the quarantine period. Watch what you are going to see!


Emily Ratajkowski

March 26, 2020
(15:11 CET)

Each one passes the confinement by the pandemic coronavirus as you can. Both in Spain as in other countries in the world where you have taken this type of action.

It has brought out the virtues of many. From the inventive to pass the time until the art for the home cook. Without forgetting the qualities of humour that have been shown to many at the networks.

Some have also discovered their passion for reading. And we’re not talking about the celebrities that make the connections Skype in the television programs. Those in which the protagonists prepare drawings showing their huge libraries.

Emily Ratajkowski takes advantage of the quarantine to read

We refer to Emily Ratajkoswki, that recently landed on his bed with a book between your hands. And of course, to enjoy reading, which is better than a few large glasses as that takes a few days wearing.

And not just to read. As you can see in this photo of her stories taken in the WC, Emily also used for their daily routines.

Emily Ratajkowski glasses

“You are huge!”, they exclaim in networks, where many followers have been delighted with this new look of british model. A few lenses in the style of Harry Potter that would reveal a secret of the it girl we didn’t know. This is that it has a physical deficiency in the view.

Emrata do not lose your time

A Emrata to which neither the confinement has been braking at the time of upload images in pitch climbs to his wall of Instagram. For example, the one who hung up this Wednesday, in which she poses with a mini top, which left to sight the in good shape that is maintained although it does not move from home. Post sum more of 1.4 million “likes” in a little over 24 hours.