Adele, 45 kilograms less and a personal revolution | People and Celebrity


Adele has always been a woman of discreet but now, at 31 years, it seems more mysterious than ever. The interpreter british just gives hints about his work, his life or his plans, nor in the press nor in their own social networks. However, by the few images that you post and the information given, the hint is that is living a revolution in the personal. On the professional, the news is expected soon, when the experts predict that they will be releasing a new album.

But now Adele is focused on herself. In your health and your well-being, recover after his separation from Simon Konecki after seven years of relationship, to have fun. The interpreter Hello and Rolling in the deep has started the year on the island of Anguilla, in the Caribbean, where she has been photographed by various tourists. There has been seen next to the presenter and actor James Corden and singer Harry Styles, among other friends.

One of the people who saw it, a young student, has told the u.s. magazine Us Weekly as, in reality, was get a photo with Styles when he realized that the woman that was in their group was Adele. Known for his warmth and sympathy, the british made a gala of it and started to talk with the young man and his friends. “When it was introduced and began to wonder about us and what were our vacation in Anguilla, I apologize for not having recognized it at the time and she replied: ‘do Not worry, I have lost like 100 pounds”, that is to say, more than 45 kilos. “We told him that was very pretty. He seemed very relaxed, very happy, enjoying their holiday. Since we don’t talk about how he had lost that weight”, explains the student. Another fan the singer who also spoke with her on the island says that he told them that he had been “an unbelievably positive experience”.

The physical change of Adele is evident. In two pictures that hung on 23 December, in his account of Instagram appears to be almost unrecognizable next to the Grinch and santa Claus. But, as they say those who know, weight loss was never among the priorities of the british. As published in the journal People, what Adele wants is to be well. And inside of this comes the weight.

“It is easy to simply focus on your physical transformation, but the change has to do with something much bigger. It got to a point in which he did not feel well. I knew I had to change something, because I wanted to be the mother healthy as possible,” says a source close to the singer. To that end, it has focused on maintaining a strict diet, and in practice a lot of sport, especially pilates and cross training.

“His whole approach during this weight loss process has been to see how I could feel more healthy and treat your body. It was never a matter of losing kilos, that has happened because it has cut drastically the consumption of alcohol and is eating more real food. But she also loves her physical transformation. Is more confident, he dresses different, and seems happier in general,” according to the same sources. “It is a new woman with all his sense of humor. Adores her friends and feels more confident”, they say, something that has made him have really wanted to launch and publicize their new music, something that would happen in the second half of the year.

This change has been driven by your intention to feel better, in the pursuit of the well-being of your son , Angelo, of seven years. The singer has always been very dedicated to him and has tried to protect you from the attacks of the media; in fact, reported to an agency of images by posting pictures of the little one when she was just two years into his first day of child care, among other moments, and managed to win.

When the child was three years old, Adele made public that he had suffered “a serious post-partum depression” that was very scary the first few months after giving birth. “I felt very inadequate, as if he had taken the worst decision of my life,” he recounted. “What I know of the stage postpartum is that you don’t want to be with your child, you feel concerned about whether you can harm and if you’re not doing a good job”. The singer surpassed that stage, but that concern for being the best mother possible is still there, and it is the central question that has caused a positive change that has benefited it in your physique and in your health.