Adele lose 19 kilos in a year with any other diet miracle


On the one hand, yes, but not the other. Why? The good thing is that if you’re overweight or obese, aim to make a change to lose weight it will be something very positive for our body and will be very beneficial for the health.

But, we must do it with responsibility to avoid negative consequences on our health. An example of this is wanting to lose weight in a short timewithout the right advice, and doing insufficient food intake and deficit of nutrientsas in the case of the diet followed by the singer Adele and other famous Hollywood.

Adele, the singer of 31 years of age were obese for many years, after changes in his personal life made the decision to lose weight and lead a healthier life by 2019, something that apparently succeeded, but perhaps half of it.

It has been seen in photos that has gone down noticeably of weight in a short time, approximately 19 pounds in a year, and several more that had already been lost a long time ago.

But what you don’t know yet is if their new eating habits are healthy and if you can maintain the weight reached at the time.

Other diet miracle

This diet was created by two nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, is called a “Diet Sirtfood”. Its name is attributed to the sirtuínas, which are proteins with enzymatic action that in our body have an effect on cellular aging and reduce the inflammation of the stomach. This could also promote weight loss in our body by influencing on the metabolism of every cell of the same.

It is a regime highly low-caloric, which is divided into two phases:

  • The first stage is based on the intake of shakes or smoothies green during the first 7 days which provide no more than 1000 calories per day.
  • The second phase lasts for a few 14 dayswith a caloric intake similar in which you add meals and it is not just smoothies.

Despite the fact that you can include lean proteins, noodles and others, there are foods that can not miss, but they are limited, these are the kale, turmeric, apple, citrus fruits, kale, nuts, olive oil, blueberries, parsley, capers, coffee, red wine and dark chocolate (which are rich in those proteins sirtuínas). In this way it is assumed that they will achieve the desired effects, including a decrease of up to 3 and a half kilos per week.

Of course, in addition to following this diet as restrictive, Adele I accompany it with physical activity through pilates.

What is a healthy diet?

Notis one more of the bunch. Has a caloric intake very low that, of course, induces a rapid decrease of weight, but which should not be only for the food you eat but also by all that is left to eat.

This can produce metabolic adaptations that alter our body and decrease energy expenditure of the same leading to the rebound effect.

On the other hand, aside the education of poor eating habits that are fundamental and those that really help to maintain a balanced diet and healthy at the timeas well as the weight reached.

It is not a regime varied, in which the person has the tools to go changing your menu to not get bored.

In regards to the intake without limits chocolate, red wine or coffee something very attractive of this diet it is not recommendedbecause it can damage our health and in addition does not promote a behavior healthy food, because these foods contain addictive substances with negative effects if consumed in large amounts.

In conclusion, this diet is not the example to followor for any person, much less those that present any pathology.

It is a “diet miracle” morethat can bring consequences in our health, including return to the previous weight or even to increase more of the that hadnot encourage conduct healthy food nor cares for our health.