Adele reappears and shows her amazing physical change | News


The followers of Adele you are in luck, and not only because their representatives have confirmed that the 2020 will bring a new album. The british have been caught by the cameras and at the end have been unable to discover its spectacular physical change.

It was rumored that Adele had begun to change her image by losing weight, and now we can confirm it. It all happened in the city of Los Angeles, where the interpreter Someone Like You went for a walk wearing a sweat suit with a skeleton. Unrecognizable, right?

And is that, although we met with 19 kilos less, it seems that our protagonist now a total of 45 kilos less. As well confirmed to a fan that coincided with the singer and Harry Styles on their vacation in The Caribbean. “He said he had lost 45 pounds and that was a positive experience. He seemed very happy and it was spectacular. He seemed to have confidence”pointed out the young man anonymous.

This new stage of Adele begins after his divorce with Simon Konecki and five-years absence of music. But now he will come back with more force than ever, and proof of this is the launch of his album that we mentioned in previous lines.

“The 30 I tried so very hard, but I’m trying to dabble in everything. No matter how long we are here, life is constant and complicated some times. The 31 is going to be a great year and I’m going to devote completely to myself,” said the singer in their social networks. And everything points to that this dedication has to do, and a lot, with your health.

Determined and strengthened, Adele will return to the charge with their new hits very soon. And with an incredible physical change!