Adele: this is the diet with which you lost 68 pounds | Woman


Adele he surprised the audience with her radical physical changeafter losing 68 pounds and look radiant. Many wonder how you managed it. A special diet and exercise routine seem to be the secret of their success for weight loss.

The interpreter of “Someone like you” would have been subjected to the strict regime of the diet Sirtfood, which promotes the consumption of foods activators of sirtuin. These enzymes body regulate cellular metabolism and properties are attributed rejuvenating.

With this power, Adele was able to suppress the appetite and activate the “gene skinny” of your body. The meal plan includes kale, buckwheat, citrus, turmeric, and blueberries. Although it also allows for the consumption of wine and dark chocolate in small amounts.


The diet Sirtfood has two stagesnotes BBC. In the first, it must significantly restrict calories, making a reduction of the foods and take green juices selected. The second stage is more forgiving and control.

This would be the secret to incredible weight loss the british singer, and not the exercise, as revealed to The Sun trainer fitness celebrity Camila Goodis: “I don’t think he liked very much the exercise, but has changed his style of life. I think that 90% of its change is due to the diet.”

For Goodis, the artist quit processed foods, sugar, and carbonated drinks, and now maintains a healthy, balanced diet.

Although exercise has been the most difficult for the superstar, maintains a routine demanding. “After that Adele began to train, he never looked back”, public People.


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