Alexa Dellanos exudes sensuality in Instagram It’s Not for the faint of heart!


Alexa Dellanos it has become one of the influencers most desired of the moment, with almost 2 million followers on Instagram this sexy model has garnered a great deal of fame thanks to her hot photos and her spectacular figure, which is always presumed through tiny and sexy outfits.

With just 26 years of age, the daughter of the famous journalist Myrka Dellanos has made an impact through their social networks. It is clear that her beauty was one of the best legacies of his mother and of the origin cuban-american that have both.

Alexa constantly shows us his healthy way of life, where the exercise is one of their most common activities, something that definitely has given great results since your perfect silhouette is really enviable.

Alexa Dellanos an entire influencer

With around 147 publications, this young and sexy model has managed to provoke the thoughts more low and dark, his followers, who are always on the lookout for each one of the publications of Alexa.

His photographs are characterized by warm-to-another-level social networks, since normally we can observe with clothing in tiny bikinis and lingerie that leave more than one with the mouth open.

On the other hand it should be remembered that Alexa Dellanos has also been found in the middle of the scandals, due to the variety of criticism it has received regarding its photographs so revealing. However, this has not affected the model who continues to amaze us with the most dramatic images.

Alexa Dellanos exudes sensuality in Instagram

This occasion was no exception since Alexa he surprised his followers through a greeting “Good Day” what is more hot, a picture in which we can see the sexy model with lingerie lace in black, what was left of a real shock to his followers.

With more than 40,000 “likes” by this sexy photo Alexa it has become one of the favorites for their fans, who quickly recognized the beauty and sensuality of this young model who surely will bring us great surprises this year.

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