Alexa Dellanos looks your beauty in a body super bold for Instagram


The famous model Alexa Dellanos decided to show off your cute figure in a daring body green phosphorescent with the delighted to their 2 million fans, which you just achieve short time ago.

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The famous is celebrating its new record of followers, although we also know that he is in the house by the quarantine, which by the way has preoccupied the young model, as his mother continues to work despite the circumstances.

In the daring picture which we present to you today, Alexa is displayed in a bold body that did show off their slim legs, as they are not covered for anything, but also highlights their attributes front, which have helped their fans crowding in their social network to the delight of their pupils.

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Something that caught quite the attention is a Darth Vader helmet that appears on the back of it, because it is painted as a brand that is very famous, and confusing to those who come to be a fan of the saga since it does not understand the context of your existence.

The instant you have more than 129 thousand likes and has been one of the most beloved and best received by their fans who were devoted to halagarla, filling the comments box with phrases of love and hearts, thanks to that kept them entertained in these times of quarantine.

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Very recently, the model revealed that she has more than 5 years being vegan and that is one of the best habits that you have had and that makes you feel safe, happy, and like never before, as they note that the young man is quite happy as well.

Let us recall that the famous TV presenter, his mother, Myrka Dellanos, is continuing to work the program “A new day” of Telemundo, so that your daughter has been worried and even said that she is in danger by continuing their work in these terms.

What brings concern to the Alexa Dellanos is that in spite of that in the united States has been forbidden to leave the house, many still go out to work, exposing themselves to the contagion of the COVID-19. By this her daughter Alexa Dellanos, expressed his great concern for his mother, who is an example of life for her.