Alicia Machado responds to Alexa Dellanos and the drama gets more and more ugly


The daughter of Myrka Dellanos has been hard to say: “The only poor, it’s Alicia Machado who has to use my name”

Alexa Dellanos spoke to the cameras Wake Up America and said he slips the opinion that people have about it, since many of those who argue against it do not know.

The controversy around it has arisen due to a comment made by Alicia Machado at the end of last week. “Poor little girl,” said the actress in relationship to the body of the daughter of Myrka Dellanos.

Here the beginning of the controversy: Alicia Machado sends a strong message to the daughter of Myrka Dellanos

About their cosmetic surgeries, the young man ensures that regrets the experience that Alicia Machado had in the past, as for a few bad implants have had to undergo six operations. But also assured her that all she has done is legal, temporary and in addition it is a decision of each person.

Here the declaration of Alexa Dellanos:

Alicia Machado responded to the statements by Alexa making a new comment in Instagram, but this time in the account of Despierta America:

“A lot of controversy for an opinion that I wrote in an account of another show of shows @sueltalasopatv never with intent to offend her or regard in order to ! I will continue to believe what I see that catches my attention and topics of interest to me in this rude and absurd world of social networking”.

“Never, my intention was to make bullying. Care with what we understand about this social Phenomenon that each day takes lives in the whole world , I am a survivor between my 18 and 21 years of bullying in the media most remembered ever seen against anyone in the 90’s by the wishes and whims of a Type that today we demonstrate its ability to destroy and hate as we had never experienced in the USA ?? Follow me on my social networks very soon #inmyownwords the documentary And pretty soon the talk show that will change the vision in this 2020 of gender equality and respect ✊? that we need and we deserve as women @pdvoficialtv“ said the actress and model.

However the opinions of Alicia Machado have come to a point so scandalous that now Alexa Dellanos has become his “enemy virtual”. The young daughter of Myrka Dellanos has been a hard, referring to venezuela: “The only poor, it’s Alicia Machado who has to use my name and personally attack me to feel better,” said Alexa in social networks, as reported by the magazine People en Español.

There is No doubt that now the venezuelan suffers the consequences of having given your opinion, however remains steadfast in ensuring that she will continue to pronounce on all matters that call your attention.