Ariana Grande, Get Well Soon | Song terrorist attack


Pharrell Williams has invited openly Ariana Grande to write and speak of the attack of Manchester, in the new disk.


The may 22, 2017, a suicide bomber triggered an explosion shortly after the concert Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena – killing 23 people (including children…) and wounding 139. In the months to follow, accompanied by pain and anxiety over what had happened, Ariana Grande said that he was urged by Pharrell Williams to talk about the terrorist attack.

Here’s what he told Paper magazine:

“Overall, [Pharrell1] forced me to get it out of me because I was mentally in a really bad moment. I’ve always had anxiety, I had anxiety for years. But when I got home from the tour, the anxiety has reached a peak much different and intense. [Pharrell1] it was kind of like, ‘You have to write everything that has happened. You have to do it in music and to shed this weight, the pain, I promise that I will help you to heal. And it has definitely helped”

The piece “Get Well Soon”, a track off the new album “Sweetener”. it is the tribute of Ariana Grande at the victims.