Ariana Grande has responded in kind to those who have accused her of using autotune during his concerts


2 September 2019

And yes, despite being one of the singers more talented in movement, with a voice that can reach “peaks” of very high Ariana Grande has been accused of using autotune during his concerts.

First of all, we explain what is the autotune: this is a sound effect born to correct the pitch of singers and adjust some of the textures of the voice. He is currently very much in vogue especially among the trappers and rappers, such as Post Malone.

Back to Ariana, a user commented on one of the videos of the Sweetener World Tour on Instagram with the phrase:

“Sounds like autotune, and probably not performed live. I mean, you’re a great singer, I love your voice and your songs, but this does not sound as if it were live”.

The replication of Ari is not decided to arrive. The pop star has given the best response you could imagine:

“No, with all due respect, you can do this in your living room, without any sound mixing or other aid. I could do it on Broadway (and I did). I can do it in the shower. I can do it in the car. It is my gift. That is why we are here. Singing more than 30 songs at the concert. Every word it’s my stuff. Let me shine, damn it”.

90 minutes of applause for Ariana!

ph: getty images